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What is happening with Green building and remodeling? Where do I start? Who do I contact? How come everywhere I turn I see advertisements are addressing the environment? read more-

Green is on the tongue of every business person and consumer in America. How come? People world wide regardless of their political beliefs recognize that we must start using our resources more wisely, reduce our impact on our environment, and overall learn to build smarter. No longer do just the proverbial "Tree Huggers" look for ways to make the planet better. Look at the people and Companies advertising Green, Lee Iacocca, Cabellas, Lumberman's, Certainteed, Honda, Yuban coffee, Starbucks, Al Gore, President Bush, NAHB, NARI, the list goes on and on.

Over the last 20 years of building we have created problems with the environment we live in whether that is interior or exterior and now we are facing the fact that we must address both. so where do we go with over 60 "Green Building" programs in the nation? Look for a National recognizable label like Energy Star, this should be the base to a Green remodel or building.

The USGBC (US Green Building Council) has a program out called LEED for Homes. we as consumers recognize the LEED Building standard because of the commercial program that is being adopted by most municipalities and government buildings in the US as well as other countries. LEED for homes requires third party verification, and gives credibility to Green building rating or certification. On Point is currently involved in various LEED for homes projects around the state, and in the next few months you will see many LEED for homes projects taking off throughout Idaho. Look for more information on projects completed , or how to get involved on www.onpointadvantage.comwww.usgbcidaho.com Building credibility website, as well as other resources for green building or smart growth.

What about remodeling? Josh Bogle of Green Remodeling www.greenrem.com has made it his company niche, and many people are seeking services like his. Where do we get the products? Home Depot has announced it is now promoting and selling Environmentally preferred products, Heidi Caye is opening a Green Materials supply store in Boise this month-(More to come), check out On Point's booth at Home Show Daily located at 7000 West state street. You will find various Green building products like Semcoat flooring www.semcoat.com energy efficient lighting provided by www.allowaylighting.com smart design by www.interframe.com Tyvek house wrap by Dupont, Central vac by www.coltrinvac.com Low E windows by www.woodwindowsinc.com foam and cellulose insulation by Johnson drywall and insulation, natural cotton insulation by www.idahoblue.com high efficiency equipment and sealed ducts by www.westernheatingandac.com  Healthy interior design by www.onyourhome.com as well as other products and services. The resources are available to sustainable design and building practices. For a list of Green builders go to www.onpointadvantage.com and under the links column there is a listing for builders building LEED Homes. GO GREEN!!

Posted by Tad Duby at 5/17/2007 1:03:00 AM
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On of the most overlooked eco-friendly opportunities for many homeowners is right in their own home. According to Energy Star, the AVERAGE home has the potential to be 30% more efficient which reduces tons of green house gases annually. Learn more at http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=home_improvement.hm_improvement_hpwes
Posted by on 11/24/2009 8:02 PM
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