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Most of us start with a plan and then pick a site, or have one dictated to us. It should really start with the site and that should dictate the design. So what should you consider in a site?

The other bloggers on this site has had some great insight into what to look for when purchasing a site, so read their blogs for more information. So what other things should you consider? Orientation can affect the design or at least the performance of a home greatly. If you like the summer evening or afternoon BBQ parties, don't pick a site that has backyard exposure to the west, unless you have mature trees to shade and cool the backyard. Also where does the water set on the site? I don't care what you do to the topsoil and grading afterwords the water will always go to the same area, so do your due diligence and enlist a good drainage contractor to take care of the water issues that exist before you start construction. look for www.nessdrainage.com for sound advice on drainage. Does the site have wildfire  or wind concerns that should be addressed? snow load? summer heat gain? do  you want solar systems installed? is it in a flood plain? Flood planes have risen greatly in the past 10 years, what may have not been in the flood plain 5 years ago may now be well into the flood plain now. Are there new residences or development that have created issues for your site that you will need to address and could cause increased construction costs? Is the site on a slope, and will this cause increased cost in retaining walls, engineering, stepped foundations and increased material and labor  costs? These are just some of the things that you should look for. Then enlist a good architect and design the home to fit the site, not the other way around!

Next up-what to look out for in the design process


Posted by Tad Duby at 5/30/2007 3:13:00 AM
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