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So we have a friend that is looking for a home and they just love the floor plan of a homebuilders home. So here they go selecting the largest investment of their lives and starting back wards in the building process. Good luck is all I have got to say. what should they have done? read more

So we have talked about the site selection process and how that will affect the plan. what do we need to consider in selecting a plan? Under no circumstances select a plan out of a catalog and order it, unless you have the money to waste!

Start with hiring a designer, (architect, designer, CAD professional, builder) who understand the home must be designed for your needs, the site, climate,  codes, etc. look  for references, accreditations, and experience.  It is well worth your money in the long run to hire a professional to design your home. They should look for orientation for view and solar gain, what the solar capacity of the site is, will there be extensive engineering on your site, what climate specific details need to be addressed, what are the local codes? is the home to be designed for aging in place? what are the energy efficiency details and specs? Durability? does the design match the  site?

To many times we see people select homes based on floor plan or ammenities. when the real question they should have asked is who  would build a crawl space in a flood  plain? Can you say swimming pool? who in their  right mind in the Treasure valley would put the majority of glazing on the west side of the home? no Building wrap on homes?  as a famous building expert says " where were the adults when that decision was made?" Enlist the services of a energy rater www.natresnet.org to help with the building science part of the design.

After you have determined a design, then it is time to start interviewing builders. What to look for? read the next blog.

Posted by Tad Duby at 6/5/2007 3:41:00 AM
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