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Boise Idaho Aerial Maps available for the first time in over 5 years

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Build Idaho is pleased to partner with Idaho Airships and Valley Air to bring the most current aerial map of Boise, ID. The Boise Valley Map includes from Lucky Peak Dam to Marsing and Kuna to Avimor.

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Treasure Valley Aeiral Map"We have been working on this project for several months and are excited to bring the best map ever produced in Boise." says Trey Langford of Build Idaho. The original images were collected with industrial grade cameras at Six Inch Ground sample or 1 pixel represents 6" and have been ortho-rectified to create a map with the highest resolution available with minimal terrain distortion.

The Treasure Valley Map includes the area for Lucky Peak Dam to Marsing and Kuna to Avimor. There is a Treasure Valley Core Map, Downtown Boise and any derivatives are also available as custom prints. Standard sizes up up to 48 inches tall and 96 inches wide but the map may be enlarged to 40 feet wide.

The map is primarily available as a vinyl print. This format allows people to hang it on the wall, roll it out on a table or take it with them. The Treasure Valley Map, 48" ax 96", is $550 There is also rigid media for $950.

Aerial maps make for an amazing feature display and resource whether they are used by professionals or in a retail store. Maps draw people in and create conversations whether they are trying to find a particular place, like their home, or just intrigued by the perspective an aerial map provides. Contact Trey Langford @ 724-9636 for more information.

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