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  Top Five Reasons People are moving to Boise
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Treasure Valley
Posted: 2/7/2021 9:13:07 PM
Boise is on so many Top Ten lists! This year we are also making real estate headlines. Idaho is recognized as a top growing state with more moving to Idaho than any other state comparatively. This has increased demand which is the reason Boise Idaho specifically has some of the greatest appreciation across the United States.

So why are people so attracted to Idaho?
1) We are a friendly place and people seeking this are attracted to our area. People look you in the face and say hello, ask how you're doing and genuinely care. What a concept! As much as people like this culture, they are also repelled by the opposite, if that makes sense.

We had one client who just wanted his son to grow up having neighborhood friends and while moving in all the neighborhood kids biked by to say hello. Our client felt like he made a great decision.

2) So many great outdoor opportunities: desert, lakes, mountains, snow, forests, rivers, trails and so much more. While every place has outdoor opportunities, we also enjoy 200 sunny days a year, little pollution from manufacturers and we have friendly people, see #1.

3) The State of Idaho is not a wreck; nor is the Treasure Valley. We have a strong economy, solid leadership, and a balanced budget. We are not dealing with what many other states at this point seem to consider normal including homelessness and drugs.

4) If you can work from home, you might as well love where you live. The work from home new norm is allowing people to not have to be based from the corporate headquarters. If you can telecommute, why not go where you can also have the lifestyle you want. Plus, if you can save money by living in a cheaper place, why not! Take your Metro level pay and live in town with peace a quiet where you can thrive financially and lifestyle.

5) One of the most sought after amenities in a home search is a 3rd bay or RV parking. We love our toys. In the spring we are snowmobiling and fishing. Boating and ATV's all summer, fall hunting trips with all our gear and then the snow flies again.

Why do you love Idaho?
Trey Langford
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