True Cost to Build A New Home in Boise

Building a home is no small task.

In fact, Build Idaho started in 2005 to provide people with information about builders in the area. Now, we are a leader in builder information and new subdivision updates. Here is our latest breakdown of the true cost to build a home in Boise. This information was last updated in September 2022.

Building Permits

Here is a link that details what building permits in Boise must include:

Here is a checklist PDF for submitting a building permit in Boise:


Building permit costs in Boise do not include:

  • Land
  • Builder costs/profits
  • Marketing costs
  • Landscaping
  • Aftermarket customizations, ie epoxy garage floors or gym equipment receipt

We surveyed 280 building permits from July & August 2022 from approximately 40 builders. Here is what we learned. Most importantly, it is not apples to apples when comparing permits. 

  • Smaller floorplans have a higher price per square foot.
  • Not all homes are built alike, ie slab foundation vs crawl space
  • Builders offer different layouts and amenity packages
  • Subdivisions have different architectural guidelines and standards
  • Permit costs vary substantially by city
  • Subdivision style, exclusivity, city, location within that city, and more all play a factor in building costs


3 Types of Builders

Production builders: Build off their floorplans, normally a large builder with employees for each part of construction from in-house draft architects to warranty work. Some are mostly focused on first-time homebuyers. Notable examples include CBH Homes, Hubble Homes, and Hayden Homes. There are also production builders focused on move-up buyers. Examples include Brighton, Boise Hunter Homes, & Toll Brothers.

Semi-custom builders: Offer a variety of floorplans but clients may personalize. They are normally a small company with a handful of support staff, including superintendents. Examples: Tresidio Homes, Berkeley Building Co.

Custom home builders: Build homes according to the client's needs. They are normally a single person with a small support admin team. Examples: Northern Construction, Superior Custom Homes, Tradewinds, White Pine Builders

Cost to build per square foot

Note: There is a range because of the six factors mentioned above. These are approximate and subject to change.

  • Production Builder: $100 to $111
  • Semi-Custom Builders: $105 to $136
  • Custom Builders: $142 to $216


Why hire Build Idaho?

We have helped hundreds of people navigate new construction since 2005. There are over 300 subdivisions with building lots and new homes for sale, plus 130+ builders to choose from. Not all builders are created equally. There are different levels of quality and distinct differences in the client experience they offer. Using our knowledge, we can help you find the builder that perfectly suits your needs.

We understand new construction contracts. We also are here to protect you. This is imperative at closing when the builder wants to be paid and the house is not completed or not exactly what you expected. We aren’t satisfied until you are. We also provide our out-of-state clients with updates throughout the building process with production notes, drone photography, and on-the-ground pictures.


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