Building Permits continue to exceed previous years but...

This month we see a significant deceleration of building permits across the Boise Valley. While deceleration it is not uncommon at this time of the year, it is interesting that demand still seems to be high for current market conditions for the slow down?

While that sounds negative maybe, overall new construction continues to show significant permit activity.

Treasure Valley Building Permit  Activity June 2016

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Compare how building permit activity has grown year over year

Boise Building Permit  Activity June 2016


Nampa Caldwell and MIddleton Building Permit  Activity June 2016



Here is a closer look at the last 13 months, June 2015 to June 2016:

Comparative Building Permit  Activity by County

*source Construction Monitor

Top Boise Custom Builders

based on permit value

Cusomt Building Company Permit Value Community Square Feet
Legacy Homes $1.130M Rivers End  
Gardner Homes of Idaho $1.092M Foxtail  
TMC Residential LLC $1.058M Boise Heights  
Legacy Homes $1.041M Ashbury  
Tradewinds General Contractors $1.013 Castelbury West  
Christensen Homes $991k Castelbury West  
Thompson Homes $923k Castleburyu West  
Roth Construction $900k ---  
Paradigm Construction $893k Two Rivers  
Bruno Built $887k Boulder Heights  
Northern Construction $881k Spurwing  
CK Rogers $877k The Shores  
Christensen Homes $863k Castlebury West  
Paradigm Construction $848k Mace River Ranch  
Creekside Custom Homes $845k Corrente Bello  
*source Intermountain MLS

Review of Average Home Prices by Quarter:

As you can see local real estate ha clearly rebounded and are now surpassing the peak we saw back in 2006.


Ada County-

Ada County Idaho Home Values

Canyon County:

Canyon County Idaho Home Values


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Local Real Estate Report

Ada County-

Meridian Real Estate Market Home Inventory

Canyon County-

Nampa Real Estate Market Median Home Value

And how is this affecting home values?

Boise Real Estate Market Median Home Value

Nampa Real Estate Market Median Home Value

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Reaching New Heights

2015 saw continued growth as you can see from the infographics at the top. While Build Idaho is not in the business of economic forecasts, there does not seem to be a reason for 2016 to slow down. As a matter of fact we are already seeing home buyers requesting more information now than last year, and yes, California keeps calling.

The biggest concern for home buyers and builders is going to be inventory- both lots and houses. Local builders are still not building aggressively, fearing another economic stumble but with only 2 month of inventory, we can expect prices to continue to rise. One of the factors that will also influence home buyers and pricing is the number of lots available and types of communities. There are very few truly unique communities within the local area.

So What Should Home Buyers Know?

  1. Even though it is a sellers market, it is still competitive. There are some 150 Builders who want the chance to earn your business and 300 Communities in the marketplace with lots or new homes for sale.
  2. The closer to Boise you get the more expensive it is. Homes cost relatively the same build no matter where they are but land is much less expensive in out lying areas.
  3. People are moving to Boise for the lifestyle which includes affordability and safety. They also want space. While local entities push density, home buyers want room to roam. If you are looking for acreage be prepared to pay or search further out. Good property goes quickly.
  4. Serious Buyers need to be prepared to make an offer. The average home was for sale for 50 days in 2015.
  5. All builders are not equal. Many can build a home but not all can build it correctly and finish it as you request. Make sure you choose a reputable builder. We can help you find a builder