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How to pay off your mortgage fast

You have a 1 out of 3 chance of paying off your mortgage in your lifetime. These are real statistics most people never pay off their mortgages. There are ways to accelerate the process.  

The first option is to stay in place for a long time. 99% of mortgages are for a term of 30 years. All you have to do is make 360 monthly payments. The trouble with that is you will pay just as much in interest back to the bank over the 30 years as you paid for your home. However, staying in place is not always feasible. The number of people in the household grows and shrinks, jobs change, and maybe a change of setting is needed.

The second option is to make an additional payment per year by breaking up your mortgage payment into a payment every 2 weeks. You should check with your mortgage company about doing this first. If your payment is $3000 a month, simply pay $1500 every 2 weeks. This will result in 1 additional mortgage payment per year. This will shed more than 3.5 years off of your 30-year mortgage.

The 3rd option is to switch to a 15-year mortgage. If you can swing the payments, do this one! This is a favorite of many financial advisors because, not only do you remove 15 years off the mortgage, you get a better interest rate. This is a hyper-fast way to build equity and wealth.

The 4th option is to sell your home when prices are high and buy a value-based property. This is how many have been able to build up enough equity to purchase homes with cash. By selling your home you pay off your mortgage. You then take the equity and purchase a new home that has more upside or value built-in: better location, sweat equity, better schools, more square footage, etc.