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Sherri Ybarra
Superintendent of Public Instruction

I am humbled and honored to serve Idahoans as Superintendent of Public Instruction. Education has always been my focus and passion. With nearly 20 years of experience in all phases of education — from classroom teacher, to principal, and at the administrative level, I am keenly aware of the challenges facing educating our youth today.

We must work to make our students' lives better. Let's build upon success. Let's build upon Idaho's excellent schools, and renew our long standing commitment to helping schools and students flourish. …

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  Boise School District



  • Elementary Schools: 32
  • Junior High: 8
  • Senior High: 5

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Boise School Reviews:  GreatSchools.org

Boise School District


Boise Middle Schools School Size Teacher Ratio Home Search by School
Anser Charter School 359 18.8  
East Junior 577 17.8 Tour HOmes
Fairmont 745 17.5 Tour HOmes
Hillside 591 16.4 Tour HOmes
Les Bois 638 18.2 Tour HOmes
North 887 19.2 Tour HOmes
Riverglen 685 17.1  
Sage International 829 15.9  
South 612 13.6 Tour HOmes
West 917 17.6 Tour HOmes


Boise High Schools School Size Teacher Ratio Home Search by School
Boise 1,473 18.8 Tour HOmes
Borah 1,563 18.1 Tour HOmes
Capital 1,340 18.6 Tour HOmes
Sage International Charter School 829 15.9  
Timberline 1,110 19.4 Tour HOmes


 Caldwell & Vallivue School Districts



  • Elementary Schools: 6
  • Middle Schools: 3
  • High Schools: 2
School Reviews:  GreatSchools.org

Caldwell Idaho School District

Caldwell Middle Schools School Size Teacher Ratio Home Search by School
Jefferson 711 19.2  
Syringa 699 17.0 Tour HOmes


Caldwell High Schools School Size Teacher Ratio Home Search by School
Caldwell 1,236 19.3 Tour HOmes


Vallivue School District

  • Elementary Schools: 6
  • Middle Schools: 4
  • High Schools: 4
School Reviews:  GreatSchools.org

Vallivue School District

 Vallivue Schools School Size Teacher Ratio Home Search by School
Rivervue Middle School Alternative 81 13.5  
Sage Valley Middle 906 21 Tour HOmes
Vallivue Middle 797 19.1 Tour HOmes
West Canyon 643 22.1 Tour HOmes
Ridgevue High     Tour HOmes
Thomas Jefferson Charter 397 19.8  
Vallivue Academy (High School) 131 16.3  
Vallivue High 1,906 22.1 Tour HOmes


 Eagle, Meridian & Star School Districts



Elementary Schools:  31
Junior High:  9
Senior High:  5 Comprehensive + 3 Alternative

School Reviews GreatSchools.org

West Ada School District

Meridian High Schools School Size Teacher Ratio Home Search by School
Centennial 1,701 21 Tour HOmes
Eagle 1,665 22.3 Tour HOmes
Meridian 1,507 19.4 Tour HOmes
Mountain View 2,170 21.8 Tour HOmes
Renaissance 686 17.9  
Rocky Mountain 2,123 22.6 Tour HOmes

Middleton School District

School Reviews
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Middleton High Schools School Size Teacher Ratio Home Search by School
Atlas School 128 14.2 Tour HOmes
Middleton High School 1,075 20.6 Tour HOmes

Nampa School District

Nampa School District

Elementary Schools
Middle School
Senior High
School Reviews
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 Nampa High Schools School Size Teacher Ratio Graduation Rate
Columbia High 1,317 19.3 Tour HOmes
Idaho Arts Charter 784 20.6  
Nampa 1,526 21.4 Tour HOmes
Skyview 1,296 20.5 Tour HOmes
Treasure Valley High Schools School Size Teacher Ratio Graduation Rate
Emmett 620 21.3 Tour HOmes
Homedale 346 21.6 Tour HOmes
Kuna 1,369 19.5 Tour HOmes
Melba 391 15.6 Tour HOmes
Mountain Home 962 16.8 Tour HOmes

Compare Schools: http://www.idahoedtrends.org/

Top Schools: http://www.usnews.com/education/best-high-schools/idaho

Schools Research: https://www.schooldigger.com/go/ID/schoolrank.aspx


  1.  School Sizes: School Digger

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