Idaho! I hope you love it here as much as we do.

Ada County, Idaho

Ada County is a recognized nationaly as a great place to live, work, play and raise a family. From the vibrant cultural to outdoor recreational opportunities available, to the friendly people or even the four seasons and the mild climate. Ada County and the surrounding communities afford a quality of life second to none. Good jobs, affordable housing and safe communities make Ada County a great place to call home!

Interesting County Facts:

  • Officially established on December 22, 1864
  • The area was named after Ada Riggs, the daughter of Idaho Territorial Legislator H.C. Riggs, one of the founders of Boise
  • Approximately 1,055 square miles


Homes for Sale

Ada County offers an array of location and housing types from the Boise River to Foothills to the desert. Live above everything in a mobile home on a mountain or in a high sky rise condominium and everything in between. The diversity of options and prices allow for everyone to find something that appeals to them.


Ada County Cities:

Boise, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna, Meridian, Star

Ada County Idaho


The Shoshoni word is "Ee-dah-how", and the Indian thought thus conveyed when translated into English means, "Behold! the sun coming down the mountain."

A location that has not been recognized as a place to actually live until the last twenty years is now being recognized as one of the last states with common sense and uncommonly friendly people. So why is Idaho becoming such a popular place for people to move to?

Idaho, a state once associated for only growing potatoes started seeing people vacation here who not only loved it but started sharing with their friends. Soon people were coming from all over to play and some started looking for jobs so they could stay. Now with cities, some would say large towns, there is everything from careers to box stores, There are major employers headquarted in Idaho and many startups, especially in Tech Sector.

Idaho's Weather Varies Wildly

The southern part of the state is considered more  desert with the Snake River running through it, mostly flat and rolling hills. The rest of the state is more mountainous. For this reason we have summer conditions that vary from hot to mild and winters that produce not much snow to places that receive feet of snow for months. Across the state, enjoy four seasons, though the length of each season varies based on location and altitude.


Quick Facts About Our State

  • 14th largest state
  • 2nd least populous state in the nation
  • 7th least densely populated of the 50 U.S. states
  • 9% is wilderness
    Through several acts of Congress, a total of about 4.8 million acres of public lands in Idaho – approximately 14% of the total 34.5 million acres of public lands in Idaho and 9% of the entire state of Idaho's 53.5 million acres – have been protected with the wilderness designation.

    The Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management controls about 60 percent of the total; the Agriculture Department's Forest Service has nearly 25 percent. Of the total federal lands, 44 percent is reserved for grazing and 42 percent for forests and wildlife.


Idaho Home Searh

Most websites search by bedrooms, baths, square feet and size of building lot or land. We recommend defining your search by lifestyle and what you hope to accomplish with your next move. The ability to choose how many neighbors you would like and what you want to see out your front door. Are you looking for something more city, more country, rural or even remote. Do you want to build a custom home, find something ready to be moved in to or something that needs your touch to bring it to life.

Do you want mountains, desert or close to civilization and the benefits of a modern society? Maybe something in between?