Bolise County

Idaho! I hope you love it here as much as we do.

Boise County, Idaho

Boise County is a large area that is divided by mountains that seperate Idaho City from Garden Valley and Horseshoe Bend. The difference between each is very much geographical. This rural mountain area has many full time residents as well as 2nd home owners who come to enjoy the outdoors and scenery. There are miles of trails to explore, great hunting and  also fishing. The summers here are cooler and winter can have great snow.

Interesting County Facts:

  • in 1862, this was one of the richest gold mining districts in the nation
  • follow Hwy 21 north from Boise to Idaho City along the Ponderosa Scenic Byway
  • Follow Payette River Scenic Byway from Horseshoe Bend to Banks


Homes for Sale

Boise County offers a variety of houses for all kinds of residents. Some live here year round, some come on weekends and others are seasonal. There are a number of cabins as well as ranches off the main roads.

Boise County Cities: Crouch, Horseshoe Bend, Idaho City, Placerville

Other Towns: Banks,  Garden Valley, Lowman, Robie Creek, Brownlee, Centerville, Gardena, Grandjean, Grimes Pass, New Centerville, Pioneerville, Quartzburg


Boise County Idaho