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Few places offer the diversity of housing opportunities that one can find in Idaho. Obviously you can make your search as refined as one may desire but consider these options, see below...

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Idaho Homes for Sale: North Boise Eyrie Canyon

Hermit or Crowds?
You can live in places that you can barely see your neighbor and rarely will you have to actually have to talk to someone. You can also live in a city though, you won't find any metropolises in Idaho. As a matter of fact the worst commute time in Idaho is still better than any major city in America!

From the desert of southern Idaho to the mountains on the Canadian border, choose your climate. There are so many place to select from including the coldest city in America, Stanley to a place we call the banana belt- Riggins, ID.

Additionally, you could own property with a hot spring, along the Snake River or on a lake, though this costs some moo-la.

Idaho Homes for Sale - Lucky Peak Boise Idaho

Idaho Homes for Sale - Boise Downtown

Do you want to live in a resort town? Maybe you prefer the pace of a farm town? Are you starting your career and looking for a corporate setting to grow with. Idaho has it all and real estate that not only matches the lifestyle but affordably as well.

Peace and Pride
No matter where you live, you will enjoy Idaho. The beautiful scenery, the wildlife and the great people make Idaho unique.

Idaho Homes for Sale - Legacy Subdivions Eagle, ID

When searching for your Idaho Home, keep in mind what lifestyle you want? Truly, if you are willing to put in the time and have the money you can find what you are looking for. The diversity is outstanding and with some patience and your due dilligence, we can find a great and unique place to call home.

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Within about 45 minutes of downtown, there are several other nearby cities and towns that have their own character and vibe. That being said, finding a house to buy is easier once we understand your lifestyle and what  you are trying to accomplish with your next move? We are ready to help and have helped hundreds of clients with a 5 Star Review on Google!




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Reasearch the Boise, Eagle, Meridian, and surrounding school districts. Picking the right school impacts finding your perfect home.

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