Boise Idaho Homes for Sale

Boise Idaho Homes for Sale

Build Idaho is the most comprehensive real estate guide in Southern Idaho. Search for property across Treasure Valley and learn more about local communities like Eagle, Meridian, Star, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell and Middleton. Are your searching for land, building lots, condominiums, townhomes, new homes or historic spaces to call your own? Customize your search by location and lifestyle. Narrow your criteria by price and the number of bedrooms you want.


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We understand that finding the RIGHT home, building lot, land or investment property is not easy. Having a knowledgable real estate agent who has helped clients just like you can provide peace of mind as well as assurance that someone is protecting your best interest. Our real estate team is dedicated to putting our experience and local knowledge to work for you in all phases of your real estate transaction: from finding the right property, to negotiating the best deal, to closing. Build Idaho is one of the most respected resources and real estate teams for buying and selling in Idaho. We deliver the very best real estate services, because you deserve no less.

We are also experienced in new construction. If you are interested in building a custom house or finding a brand new home to move into quickly, we can help. We are familiar with many of the 300+ new communities We also have a number of builders that we can recommend, so that you buy a quality home and have a great buying experience.

We offer our clients an array of home-buyer tools to provide you the highest level of real estate services. Build Idaho has over a hundred Google Reviews to prove it!

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The Treasure Valley offers an unparalleled quality of life not found anywhere else in the nation. That statement isn’t unsubstantiated hype either. It’s the reason Idaho is the fastest growing state in the country. Boise has a lot of things going for it: an urban/ metropolitan economic and educational base, affordable cost-of-living, an extraordinary business-friendly environment, four mild and distinct seasons, and plenty of public wilderness and natural beauty that allows a lifetime of weekend adventures.


We sure hope you like your family. Living in the Boise area gives you a lot more family time and adventure opportunities. One of the first things people notice- especially if they’re from a major metro—is that their commute time is significantly reduced, which means more time enjoying life. Enjoy parks, local restaurants, hikes and so many other opportunities throughout the year.





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Where should you live?

Learn a little about different areas within the Treasure Valley

Boise, Idaho

Would you prefer to live in closer to downtown, the Foothills or along the Boise River? There are many outdoor opportunities including the Greenbelt.

Northern Boise is the perfect location for enjoying natural beauty. Some like to sit and take it in while watching birds or deer and others want to get in the middle of it it all. The foothills provide ample opportunities to mountain bike or any other hobby. Photographers love the expansive views and the personal space found only in the foothills. There are hundreds of miles of trails and one can travel from Warm Springs area to Avimor. Don't be surprised by the prices, views like these and quick access to the Foothill trails come at a price but there are plenty of other homes for sale close by. See homes for sale in Northern Boise.

Downtown Boise also offers great cultural opportunities and night life from Shakespeare in the Park to the Egytian Theatre. And best of all, this is a place you will feel safe exploring.

Southeast Boise is a highly sought-after area with established communities and mature trees everywhere. The location offers easy commutes to downtown with plenty of things to do such as the Boise River just to the south and Foothills in the north. The area is best know for Micron and BSU. See homes for sale in southeast Boise.

The Bench has easy access to downtown Boise as well as the interstate. Shopping is plentiful along Orchard Street and nearby Vista Ave. The Boise Depot is a poular attraction which includes the goldfish ponds connected via a series of waterfalls. The Bench is approximately 60 feet higher than downtown Boise to the northeast, hence the reference to 'bench'. The Bench was an ancient shoreline to the old river channel. The Bench is home to the Boise Union Pacific Depot and older residential neighborhoods similar to those in the North End. Many are attracted to this area for its location but it is also becoming popular with people looking for homes that need to be re-modeled or completely re-built. See homes for sale in the Boise Bench.

Southwest Boise is close to downtown and the Boise Towne Square Mall, meaning an abundance of services, shopping and restaurants are within 10 minutes of most of this area. The World Center for Birds of Prey is a landmark for the area and is a great place to learn about birds in the area and from around the world. See homes for sale in southwest Boise.

West Boise is a phenominal area. On one end you have the West Boise YMCA, and at the other is Milwaukee Ave with the Boise Towne Square Mall and all the shopping available there, including Cabelo's, REI and Best Buy. There are many established subdivisions and several new communities to tour. If you work at HP or in this area, it is very convenient to live here. See west Boise homes for sale.

Northwest Boise runs with the Foothills. Views come at a premium price but the ability to see across Treasure Valley as the sun sets and across the desert to the Owyhee Mountains is a worthwhile investment. Property in the foothills is more likely to see deer, many bird species, and elk on rare occassion.

Be aware that if you are considering building in the foothills, construction can be more expensive as code requirements are much more stringent with erosion, fire and the grade on which the home may be built. A home may require an engineer to work the land and an architect to design something more fire resistant.

Life in the Foothills offers hiking and biking are popular but there is also photography, birding and hunting. It is a special place to enjoy and get back to nature. Plus, who doesn't like getting to the top of a mountain! Learn more about Boise, ID.

See homes for sale in NW Boise.

Eagle, Idaho

Eagle is one of the most popular areas for luxury homes. Many subdivisions have monument entrances, waterfront property, and even gated communities. There is so much to do in Eagle from the Boise River, Greenbelt, Eagle Island State Park, Eagle Bike Park, and access to the Foothills.

Many people build custom homes here, and others are searching for townhomes so they are not committed to so much yard work. See Eagle, Idaho new homes for sale.

Meridian, Idaho

Meridian is truly the hub of Treasure Valley. There are many businesses including The Village at Meridian shopping center, popular restaurants, and fun family activites.

There are plenty of subdivisions with different styles and prices. Some offer community pools, parks and even community clubhouse with exercise facilities.

Enjoy a number of parks as well as a friendly community with fairs and festivals throught the year. See homes for sale in North Meridian and South Meridian.

Kuna, Idaho

For many years Kuna was looked at as out of the way. But now with many affordable homes in large communities and a slower pace of life, it has become very popular. Retail stores and restaurants are starting to follow. People love the way Kuna feels and how it is a quieter place to call home, but not far from Interstate-84.

Kuna is also the place to go to visit the Snake River Birds of Prey Conservation Area and Swan Falls. The desert is an important part of living in Boise, whether you are looking for raptors and wildlife or exploring the desert trails. See homes for sale in Kuna, ID.

Star, Idaho

Star has the reputaion and feel of a small town with one stoplight, and plenty of privacy.The Boise River runs just north of town and foothills to the north bound its location. Here you will find fox and wild turkeys as well as pheasants in the open fields. Star offers a slower pace and slightly less expensive homes.

Nampa, Idaho

Would you like to find more house for less money without giving up benefits of living in a suburban area? Check out Nampa. Enjoy Lake Lowell, Idaho Center and many new developments across Canyon County. The increase in population has spurred many new retail stores and restaurants. Enjoy a slower pace of life and find your dream home. Land price here are not what you find closer to Boise and Eagle so you can get more yard, more house or both.

Caldwell, Idaho

Ranchers used to out-number the city folks here and that atmosphere of wertern hospitatlity still exists. People love Caldwell because it is not Boise. Less crowds, less traffic and less hustling means you will get to know your neighbors and appreciate the simple things in life. As you drive into the country you will find fields of potatoes, sugar beets, onions, wheat and even hops. If you are looking for horse property or just acreage, consider moving to this beautiful area.

About Boise, ID

Life in Idaho is an upgrade from many places people are moving here from. Most people are coming to Idaho for a higher quality of life.  Homes across Treasure Valley are still reasonably priced, the cost of living is relatively affordable, violent crime is nearly nonexistent, and the people make eye contact with you and smile when saying, “Hello.”  The evidence is in the fact that Idaho is the fastest growing state.  It’s attracting people and families from all over the country.  It’s attracting new and expanding businesses, and it’s simply a fantastic place to call home.

Boise, Idaho Demographics (2019 est.)

Population: 216,282
Median Household Income: $48,524
Square Miles: 79.36
Elevation: 2,730 ft.
Pop. Density: 2,591/sq mi.
Median Age: 36.5
Unemployment: 2.6%
Median Rent: $1,025
Average Home Listing Price: $282,525

For Population 25+ years old

High School or Higher: 93.8%
Bachelor’s Degree of Higher: 38.3%
Graduate or Professional Degree: 14.3%

Sales Tax Information

State: 6%
Ada County: 0%
Boise: 0%
Property: 0.75%

Cost of Living Index (Compared to National Average)
Compare the average amount of money needed to sustain a certain standard of living in Boise compared to other popular cities:

  • Phoenix, AZ +2%
  • Miami, FL +23%
  • Anchorage, AK +38%
  • Dallas, TX +10%
  • NewYork, NY +147%
  • Los Angeles +161%
  • Seattle +171%


Home Values and Local Real Estate Trends

The real estate market peaked in Boise around 2006 and then declined through 2010. Since then, home values have continued on a steady climb for 9 years. The current economic situation due to Coronavirus will have rippling effects on the economy and local real estate market: from home values, inventory of homes for sale, and how long it take to sell a home. But thus far, it is still a strong market that has been recovering well. There has been a shortage of houses listed on the market for the last 5 years, but it is too soon to tell how all the changes will unfold. One thing that is clear is that Idaho looks even better as a place to call home! We love it here and you will too!

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How to Search for Homes for Sale

Find homes to view by setting up a home search online. Build Idaho will send you homes that match your search criteria almost immediately as new listings that come on the market. It is important that you and your family are in alignment with what is important in your next home: location, lot size, bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, garage spaces, schools, and any other details that are important. Be sure to define and prioritize your needs and wants just in case you are not finding the perfect home at the price you want.

Buying a home can be very complicated with legal contracts, inspections, contingencies, warranties, taxes, HOA dues, and many other hurdles every buyer and seller must navigate to get to the signing/ closing table. Hiring a real estate agent will save you a lot of time and stress because they have the knowledge, experience, and services to walk you through the home buying process. In the end, fulfilling the American Dream of home ownership is a great reward!

Build Idaho offers the most extensive searches combined with the area's leading professional real estate services. When are ready to get started, contact us.


How much house can I afford?

This is the most important detail of them all! You need to clearly understand how much house you can buy, what it will take to purchase the house and what financing looks like for you (monthly payments). Learn more here.

How important is location?

Real Estate is driven by location but people are also getting very focused on getting close to what they love most: hiking, biking, fishing, retail therapy, or living far away from it all. People are moving to Idaho for lifestyle. There is more to life then a job!

Define your priorities in a home search.

What is most important to you and your family? What type of lifestyle do you want to have and how will where you live affect that? Do you need to live near childcare or schools? Where are homes that interest you in proximity to work? Are you wanting to live in the foothills, along the Boise River, out in the desert, or near the Lake Lowell? Are you looking for more rural, more city, mountain living, or something in between?

How much land do you want and what will you do with it?

Do you want a smaller yard or possibly zero-scape? Are you looking for acreage or something with no neighbors? Some communities offer patio homes or townhomes where mowing is included in the HOA dues. Some people dream of having a large yard. Remember that a yard can take a lot of time between mowing and weeding the garden which may require more than you actually want to commit to year-round.

As a note, land closer to Boise is more expensive and you are likely to find larger acreage parcels further away from the city. We recommend looking a little further out if you are looking for larger lots or acreage.

What does your house look like?

The possibilities are vast: Condominiums to farms & ranches; historical homes to brand new houses; near water to elevated panoramic mountain views. Is it a modern farmhouse, mid-century, or a log cabin? One thing about finding the perfect home is that it has to resonate with you. It needs to feel like home and be a house that tells people who you are. Pride is a big part of the decision. It has to be a place you want to show off whether you are entertaining friends or hosting a business dinner.
Note: Keep in mind that you may have to find a balance between what you want and what you can actually afford today.

Is your home for sale today?

The more specific your search gets, the harder it gets to find that perfect house. Sometimes, a person is looking for a specific feature, location or design element but it may not be listed for sale yet. Most home searches allow you to enter any number of criteria so you can narrowly identify what you are looking for. Depending on your situation, patience, and motivation, your home may be for sale tomorrow.

Are you trying to time the real estate market for your next home purchase?

We all want to find a house that meets our needs and is a great deal. Boise has been a seller's market for years now, so finding a home that is underpriced is rare. Many times, homes that are underpriced are sought out first, which then drives the price up. 2019 was predicted to be a year of normalization and correction in the marketplace for home values, but the activity we are seeing is no indication that the demand is slowing down locally. That being said, other major metros are experiencing shifts and Boise will eventually be affected. Currently, we are seeing more multiple offers on many  houses for sale!


Tips to winning your next home and making the best offer

  1. Get Pre-Approved. Have your home loan program, earnest money, and down payment ready to go. Are you paying cash? Wonderful! We have proof of funds available with your offer.
  2. When a home comes on the market that could be 'the one,' go see it immediately. Waiting until the weekend in this market is going to create a missed opportunity.
  3. Find out what is important to the seller and make your offer match accordingly. Do they need to close soon or do they have a date in mind that would work best for them? What price are sellers really looking for or need to net? It is grest how often someone will share this information to help their buyer out.


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Boise Real Estate News and Updates

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Home Buyer FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

As you might imagine, our team fields quite a few questions every day. We love questions because they show that you are willing to learn. People are naturally curious about buying and selling homes as it can be a very personal decision and can get complex. It’s an agent’s job to guide and advise clients through the process and answer all of their questions along the way. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or repeat buyer who could use a refresher about Idaho real estate, here are some answers to the questions that come up most often. If you don't see your question on here or would like more information, call our real estate agents at 208.219.7683. We'd love to hear from you!


Can I buy a home and sell my current one at the same time?

Yes, we help clients figure this out on a regualr basis. We understand you don't want to be homeless! While today’s hot housing market might make selling your home easier, it could also make buying one much more challenging—and potentially tangle you up in a financial mess.

Since no dream home is worth getting stuck with two mortgages, you need to learn how to successfully buy a home and sell your home at the same time. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered.

One common tactic of buying and selling a home at the same time is writing into the contract a contingency clause. When you make an offer on your new home, you can make the purchase contingent (or dependent) on the sale of your current home. This contingency protects you from having to pay on two mortgages.

Contingency offers are not as strong as one without contingencies in a strong seller’s market. Sellers often receive multiple bids for their homes, an offer with too many contingencies can easily knock you out of the running—and an unsold home is just about as big as a contingency gets.

Your real estate agent can advise you on whether or not a contract contingency is a good idea in your case. A lot will depend on your buying and selling timeline—but more on that later.

How do I know if the property is a good deal?

The Build Idaho Real Estate Team is very successful, we helped more than 300 families buy/sell property in 2019. Working with a full time agent who is familiar with the current market is powerful. Between their experience and expertise and insights from our team, we have our finger on the pulse of the market and glad to share our experience. We also have access to an entire databse of real estate information so we can do a market valuation on any property.

How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Cost? Is It Worth It?

When you are buying or selling a house, you’re dealing with such a huge amount of money that one slight error could cost you tens of thousands of dollars, which can lead to months of migraines. So there’s no wonder why over 90% of all buyers and sellers last year chose to work with a real estate professional.

But how much does a real estate agent cost and more importantly, is it worth it? Maybe you’re dreaming about how much cash you could pocket if you don’t hire an agent? We get it, everyone wants to save money! But you might be disappointed at how little you actually save if you skip out on having an experienced professional consulting and guiding you through the process. So, before you decide if an agent is worth the cost, let’s consider all the value a great agent and real estate team provides.

  • Your real estate agent has your back whether you're a buyer or a seller. Agents have what's known as a "fiduciary" responsibility to their clients. They are legally obligated to put their clients' best interests first
  • Your agent understands how to write/ negotiate a contract that protects your best interest.
  • Buyers usually have a pretty firm idea in mind of what they want in a property, from number of bedrooms to an attached garage to any number of other must-have and must-not-have factors. You'll probably feel pretty comfortable looking at homes with that list tucked firmly in the back of your mind. But your agent will be alert for issues that might not cross your mind, such as property boundaries, furnace issues, leaks, roofing problems, and mold and insect issues. An agent will recognize the telltale signs of these problems and know how best to approach them. Again, this experience and knowledge can end up saving you thousands down the road.
  • Agents and Transactions Coordinators make sure that all the deadlines are met. They schedule inspections, coordinate with title & escrow, communicate with the other agent about questions that arise, verify that the lender is on task and providing all documents needed at closing


Henry Ford once said that it proves that you're smarter than they are when you hire people who are smarter than you. The trick is to recognize when you need help and to find the right person.

Should I get a home inspection?

The answer is yes, even if it is a brand new home! Home inspections help you in so many ways.

  1. You do not want to move in and find out that your new home is going to require immediate repairs.
  2. While everything may seem to be in working order, an inspection can make you aware of future problems
  3. An inspection verifies the structure is sound as well.
  4. An inspection not only verifies you are buying a home that is as you expect but if it is not, it is reason to either walk away or negotiate.


Ask your agent about a Home Warranty as well!

How much home can I afford?

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is truly the first step of the home buying process. Here’s why:

  1. You need to know how much you can borrow which then starts defining your home search, thus no time is wasted considering homes that are not within your budget. Getting Pre-Qualified also help prevent disappointment caused by falling in love with unaffordable homes.
  2. A home loan estimate from your lender will show how much money is required for the down payment and closing costs. You may need more time to save money, liquidate other assets or seek mortgage gift funds from family. In any case, you will have a clear picture of what is financially required.
  3. Providing a Seller your Pre-Approved for a mortgage demonstrates that you are a serious buyer when making an offer
How long does it take to buy a home?

Most people start looking long before they are actually ready to purchase. Once you identify a home it generally takes 1 to 3 three days to negotiate and get an offer accpeted. Part of the offer will include a closing date. The time needed to close on a house is mostly determined by how you are buying the property. If you are paying cash it can be within a week, as long as there are no title issues. If you are working with a lender, they will recommend how much time they need to finish all the paperwork including documents from you (Bank Statements, Employment and Income Verification, etc) send to underwriting and then, forward to the Title & Escrow Company to prepare all the legal documents.

Should I buy instead of rent?

There are several major financial benefits of buying a home rather than renting a house or apartment:

  1. Tax breaks
  2. Financial gains
  3. Appreciation in value
  4. Equity
  5. Capital gains
  6. Freedom
  7. Security
  8. A sense of pride

Are you ready to buy? Ask yourself the following questions :

  1. Do I have a steady job?
  2. Have I been steadily employed for the last two to three years?
  3. Is my current income reliable for the foreseeable future?
  4. Do I have a positive bill-paying history?
  5. Do I have few outstanding long-term debts, like car payments?
  6. Have I saved for a down payment?
How is the real estate market right now?

The Boise Home Values have been appreciating since 2011.
The city and surrounding communities have been getting regularly national recognition as a great place to Live, Work Place for nearly 2 decades.
The local real estate market depends on new construction to meet demand for housing. We need more inventory of homes for sale to bring appreciation back into something of a 'normal' market.