2023 Idaho Real Estate Reports

Interested in current home values and the latest real estate trends? We get asked daily "How is the local market?" The answer really depends on what your needs are and what your long & short term goals are. No matter how the market fluctuates, people that buy homes to enjoy for the long term will find that their home continues to rise in value over time.

Boise Home Values market Action Index

Are home prices dropping?

There have been many reports about how Idaho was one of the hottest real estate markets in America during CoVid but by July 2022 the market started to shift. Homes stopped selling overnight and inventory started to increase which leveled off prices, especially in Boise.

Idaho Median Home Prices

Home prices are not expected to continue falling unless there is another national recession. Out-of-state buyers are leaving where they live for a better place to call home! A place that offers safety, affordability, good schools, jobs, and quality homes. Idaho has long been recognized for the lifestyle that we enjoy, common sense politics, and overall affordability. The demand from out-of-state buyers is expected to remain strong for the foreseeable future. This will continue to keep demand up which will also keep the demand for new homes being built.

How many homes are for sale?

Ada County Listings Inventory

Ada County Idaho Real Estate Market Home Inventory

Canyon County Listings Inventory

Canyon County Real Estate Market Median Home Value

How have home values in Southern Idaho changed since 2005?

Idaho remains one of the best cities in American to move to. The quality of life here is unmathched! While home prices have increased, it is still an affordable place to live. Also, with low crive and homelessness issues, we go outisde, even in downtown and feel sage. For these reasons, and many more, home prices steadily increase over time.

Ada County, Idaho-

Ada County Idaho Home Values

Canyon County, Idaho

Canyon County Idaho Home Values

Is Southern Idaho really affordable?

A lot of home buyers were turned off by Idaho in 2021, as they watched real estate values increase and concluded that they might as well not move because it was no longer a bargain. Consider other facets of living in Idaho that cost much less. Electric bills in Idaho are half or better than in other states. Buying a car costs less in Idaho than in California. In addition, gas and car registration costs are considerably lower. Water bills are much lower in the Boise area and the area has a vast system of canals for irrigation water which feeds most homes. The canals are full from mid-April to mid-October you can use all the water you need to wash cars, the dog, or the house for about $100 on a quarter-acre lot. Water the lawn and garden and all your plants. Play in the sprinkler with the kids from sunrise to sunset.

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