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★★★★★ Build Idaho Rated 5 / 5 based on 93 Google Reviews
★★★★★ 5 stars - "They actually deliver on what they say they can accomplish its quite refreshing in this business to find this!"
★★★★★ 5 stars - "Our experience with Full Sail/ Build Idaho was great from start to finish! "

Mike Butler
[email protected]
Mike grew up in Boise.
Lives in foothills in NW Boise.


Shannon Campbell
[email protected]
Shannon grew up in Middleton.
Lives in Echo Creek in Eagle.


Sam Elhert
[email protected]
Sam grew up in Boise.
Lives in Winstead in W Boise


Shauna Hobson-Stewart
[email protected]
Grew up near Bear Lake in SE Boise.
Lives in Heritage Commons | Meridian, ID


Jeff Kinshella
[email protected]
Grew up in Bremerton, WA
Lives in Hobble Creek | Boise, ID


Kelly Kitchens
[email protected]
Born and Raised in Boise
Lives in Caldwell, ID


Thomas Murphy
[email protected]
Mike grew up in California.
Lives in the North End, Boise, ID


Michelle Penick
[email protected]
Michelle arrived in Boise from Seattle through Denver, New York and Los Angeles.
Lives in Hazelwood Village | Boise, ID


Chris Proctor
[email protected]
Grew up in New Hampshire and lived in Stanley and the Sawtooth Mountains for 5 years.
Lives in Emmett, ID


Mike Seaman
Se Habla Español
[email protected]
Mike grew up in New Jersey.
Lives in Boise Bench area


Spencer Southey
[email protected]
Spencer grew up in Arlington, WA.
Lives in Columbia Village | SE Boise


Jason Van Dam
[email protected]
Jason grew up in California.
Lives in Santa Anita Place | Boise, ID


Katie Wakeley
Meet Me
[email protected]
Katie is from California and raised in Washington.
Lives in Lakewood | Boise, ID


Jesse Walz
Grew up in Oregon, was a mountain bike guiding in New Zealand then lived in Alaska.
Lives in Eagle Springs | Eagle, ID
   Jesse Walz Rated 5 Stars


Betsy Young
[email protected]
Betsy grew up in Meridian.
Lives in Meridian.


Travis Young
[email protected]
Travis grew up in Las Vegas.
Lives in Meridian.


Steve Satterlee
Team Leader

Steve was recently voted Best Real Estate Agent in the Treasure Valley in the Idaho Statesman poll.
[email protected]
Steve grew up in Boise, ID.
Lives in Crossfield | Meridian, ID


Trey Langford
Director of Marketing

[email protected]
Builder Developer Services
Originallly from Kentucky.
Lives near Bridgetower Crossing | Meridian, ID



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Tasha Emery

Lead Coordinator & Database Manager

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Henly Kim

Transaction Department

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Andrew Satterlee

Marketing Content Specialist - Unlicensed

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Joey Loya

Graphic Design & Brand Builder - Unlicensed

[email protected]

Donna Wilson, Dorector of Operations

Donna Wilson

Director of Operations

[email protected]

Kayce Woods, Idaho Real Estate Transaction Coordinator

Kayce Fehringer

Transaction Coordinator

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