Build Idaho: Patty Eckebrecht, Lead Listing Agent

Patty Eckebrecht

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Patty will inspire you with her zest for life and the unique ability to help people discover and achieve their goals. Whether you are a first time home buyer, long term investor, or simply interested in the real estate market, Patty is your go-to Realtor! With over 17 year’s real estate experience including vast experience in the Wood River Valley, Patty puts her expertise at your service. Her background in lending also adds some extra spice to the mix. You can be certain Patty is here for your specific needs and will be with you every step of the journey. Her enthusiastic work ethic will keep you coming back and bringing your friends! Family is a vital part of Patty’s world, and her husband and two sons are her priority! She is an active mother and wife who adores her family and keeps them on their toes. This beautiful family can often be found exploring the wonders of Idaho through hiking, biking, and camping. Patty moved to Idaho at an early age and fell in love with the culture and abundant beauty and is ready to help you find your place here as well! She also has a vast social network and loves to connect people. She is ready to connect with you and help you find your next home, sell your current house, or invest in real estate.


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Eagle Idaho Real Estate Agents

A Realtor is someone who represents a client (or customer) who is buying or selling real property. They serve to protect the interests of their client and whatever their goals may be. They only perform realty services and will refer their clients to other profesionals for their expertise such as legal, title or even home inspection questions.

What does an Idaho Realtor do for clients?

Real Estate Agents have experience and training in understanding the legal aspects of purchasing and selling real property plus their personal level of custtomer service. They have tools to help clients find and understand more about specific properties as well as writing and executing contracts. An Eagle Realtor is able to negotiate and assist getting through earnest money commitment, contingencies, dead lines  and and other contract obligations to bring the buyer and seller to the closing table which is normally at a title & escrow company.

There are many intricacies to completing a contract, many times referred to as an RE-21 in Idaho. While everything is spelled out in the contract, each part of every contract requires each detail is understood, agreed & acted upon and completed. For example, upon a contract being accepted, normally there are two things that could be required quickly, acceptance of earnest money and completing a home inspection. Your agent will help organize each task so that the contract remains in intact.

How to negotiate for Property

One of the first things to realize once you find a property is that legally, everything needs to be in writing, preferably via contracts. This  eliminates the opportunity for "but they said" problems with verbal agreements. Written contracts may still have interpretation issues, which can happen, but now there is documentation that can be referenced and reviewed.

Many times, a party will want to negotiate something additional as part of the contract. The buyer may want something included that is not part of the listing and not part of the house. This is something that an agent can write into the purchase contract. There are also unexpected changes that the buyer may want to negotiate. For example, upon inspection, it may be found that the home has a defect they were not aware of. This defect may be something that should be fixed. The Buyer may ask the seller to fix and pay for the cost. The seller may or may not agree to do this which could lead to the contract being cancelled or acceptance by the seller and now is required to complete the contingency and show proof that it is completed.

How to handle contingencies in real estate contracts

Contracts are a living document. They can evolve as the process moves along and inormation is exchanged. Contingnecies are a way for Buyers to negotiate that they not only buy a home that meets their expectations but also that they are able to purchase it. This includes things as simple as reviewing a home inspection and asking that the home be brought back up to "as expected" conditions. It  also helps the Buyer if they need something to happen in order to buy the home; for example, they need financing or need to sell a home to buy.

How to Buy Land in Eagle, Idaho

If you are buying land for a specifc purpose, you will need to verify the land is zoned properly. It is the Buyer's duty to verify zoning and other apects of the property, an agent can provide references and resources but they do not act as engineers, city officials or builders and cannot say that something that is beyond the scope of real estate services. An Eagle Realtor's job is to assist clients buy and sell property. The person/ client buying the land is responsible to verify zoning and talk to professionals that can advise them about how to proceed upon purchasing the property. It may also be true that the buyer may want a contingency for time to do their due diligence.

What if you are not satisfied with your Eagle Real Estate Agent?

Full Sail and Build Idaho do not force clients to work with us. If you are not happy with your agent due to their service, we will let you out of the Buyer's Representation Contract. We will seek to understand what happened so we can deterine if it was due to a lack of training, mis-communication or personalities that did not meld well. We may want to help when an agent has helped a client find property.

Should you work with a single agent or a real estate team?

The job of a agent is filled with completing tasks, meeting deadlines, arranging appointments and many other daily duties. A real estate team has people who are specialized at each facet of the business. The Realtor's job is to help clients find the right home, write a contract that will win the home but then there is a whole department that will handle getting the client to the closing table by ensuring that every detail is managed properly. The client care team at Full Sail Realty is 100% focused on helping you and available to help you and your agent. A single agent would not be able to offer this level of realty service as they are out with other clients showing homes or marketing themselves to find new clients.


"I feel Patty is my favorite realtor and has become a very good friend."
Curtis & Pamela T.

"...she was friendly and exhibited a genuine interest in wanting to help me find a home, and she followed up frequently... There is nothing that Patty could've done differently that would've made my experience any better than it was... I couldn't have achieved getting this house without Patty's expertise I will recommend her in the future. She was excellent on all levels."
Alan C.

"Patty suggestions when selling our home were invaluable and assured we got the most out of it... Patty was awesome."
Scott W.

"Patty is Amazing! She was so helpful when I bought my first house. Helped me find an amazing financial group and made the entire process so incredibly easy. I've been in my house 2 years now. Still completely love her!"
Anjie B.

"Patty was a fabulous real estate agent! Not only did she help us find our dream home, but she held our hands and explained all the steps in the process to 2 nervous first time home buyers. We couldn't have done it without her. And she made it a fun experience at the same time! We highly recommend Patty - she's experienced and knows her way around Boise and the surrounding areas. She will find you your dream home."
Kristin A. D.

"Patty is a truly caring realtor. SHe wants her clients to get exactly what they want and will work hard for them to achieve it."
Jennifer T.

"If you are looking for an exceptional and caring realtor your search is over! Patty is hands down the BEST real estate agent my husband and I have ever worked with! We were on an extremely short time frame of only 3 days to find a home and Patty made sure to show us every home that matched our criteria. She didn't rush us through the process. made us feel like we were her top priority, and made sure we got an amazing deal on the home we purchased. She is not only a great negotiator, but she made the process of house hunting fun and memorable. Patty will be our realtor for like and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for or selling a house. I am confident you will be as happy with your real estate experience as we were if you choose Patty Eckebrecht. P.S. She is super funny too!"
Katrina M.




Patty Echebrecht | Eagle Idaho Real Estate Agent

Patty Echebrecht | Eagle Idaho Real Estate Agent

Patty Echebrecht | Eagle Idaho Real Estate Agent

Patty Echebrecht | Eagle Idaho Real Estate Agent