MLS Area 1100: Kuna Subdivision in Development

Kuna Subdivisons In Development ( 43 )
Accounts for 4,546 lots

  Developer   Lots
Applewood Subdivision
N of Hubbard Rd & E of Ten Mile
JLJ Enterprises 130
Applewood  Subdivision No. 2
N of Hubbard Rd & E of Ten Mile
JLJ Enterprises 28
Arroyo Indio Subdivision
S of Hubbard & E of Blackcat
Evan Construction Management 220
Bridle Ridge
located on the north side of W. Green Lane, east of S. McDermott
Richard Beck 10
Crimson Point North
N of Deer Flat & W of Ten Mile
JLJ Enterprises 45
Dashwood/ Raygosa Heights
located south of Columbia between Valley Heights and Gantz Ave. (See Also MLS Area 550)
Sam Johnson 36
Falco Catena Subdivision
located on the east side of Swan Falls Road, between King and Kuna Mora Roads
Trail Bridge 440
Galiano Estates
S of Hubbard & E of Ten Mile
Ted Mason 61
Grayhawk Subdivision
S  of Hubbard, east side of Kay and on the north side of Ardell
Irongate Subdivision
Harold DeGraff 31
Kami Place
Linder & 4th
B&B Development 9
Kromann Estates
off Ten Mile
Dennis Kromann 34
Lawson Estates
E of Eagle Rd & N of Kuna Mora Rd
Norman E Law 35
Malaspina Ranch
2801 N Ten Mile
Edward Mason 90
Manuelle Heights
N of King Rd. and E of Ten Mile Road
Specialty Group 10
Markovetz Subdivision
325 S Terben Lane
Donald Markovetz 7
Nicholson Subdiviosion
E of Ten Mile & S of Avalon
Thomas T Nicholson 64
Palo Verde Ranch
Eagle Rd & Kings Rd
Palo Verde Ranch LLC 36
Pawnee Creek
S of Deer Flat & E of Blackcat
Gavin King 41
Profile Ridge
Deer Flat Rd & Meridian
Red Cliff Development 170
Randcliff Hills Country Estates
N of Hubbard & E of Locust Grove
Ramco Development 18
Raptors Nest
N of Kuna Rd & E of Locust Grove
51A LLC 9
3727 Hazelwood
Sunrise Rim LLC 5
Risen Creek
NW corner of East Columbia Road and South Cloverdale Rd
Christian Brothers Construction 87
Rockaway Cove
N of King Road & W of Swan Falls
Craig Wallace 39
Rocoso Butte Subdivsion
Located on Poen Road, 5 miles south of Kuna & E of Swan Falls Rd
J Baicy  
Sadie Creek
S of Ustick & W of Eagle
Red Cliff Development  209
Sailor Shores Meadows
S of Avalon & E of Linder
Maile Family 26
Sanctuary Subdivision (The)
N of Hubbard, W of Ten Mile
Tim Gordon 247
Scoria Subdivision
1600 E. Meadowview Road
KanGlobal Investments 68
Seasons Creek Estates
Black Cat & Deer Flat
Tim Gordon 638
Sera Sole Subdivision
SW Corner Swan Falls & Stage Coach
Silvertip Subdivision
N of King Road & W of Luker
Grizzly Land Company, LLC 80
Sonora Point
S of Hubbard & W of Linder
Ray Developers 36
Southfork Ranch Estates
W of Ten Mile S of Columbia
Wally Green 35
Southrock Ranch
N of King W of Ash
Specialty Group 40
Springhill Subdivision
S of Lake Hazel & E of Linder
Powder River Development 704
The Villas at Crimson Point
N of Deer Flat & W of Ten Mile
JLJ Enterprises 40
Timbermist Subdivision
N of Hubbard & E of Linder
Grizzly Land Company, LLC 233
E of Locust Grove N of Hubbard
B & A Engineers 6
Water's Edge/ Laketown
S of Hubbard & W of Linder
Crestventure Corp. 305
Willow Glenn
S of School Sve & W of Avalon
Rotta 30
E of Stewart Lane. N of Deer Flat Rd
Ward Stables Partnership 8

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