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Mike Butler, Idaho Lead Listing AgentGet an offer quickly and move on with your life!

Do you need to sell your home here in Boise or the Treasure Valley? We’d like to sell it for you. My name is Mike Butler with Build Idaho. We’ll get you several offers on your home. Call or text anytime 208.850.6000

We’ll price it to sell at the highest price. We’ll advise you on preparing your home to sell with cleaning, fixing, and staging. We’ll take awesome photos that stand out. We’ll market it everywhere online. We’ll send it to our house buyer list. We’ll answer all the calls. We’ll handle all the showings and paperwork. We’ll get you the highest possible price. Most importantly, you can relax since we’ll do all the work for you. 

Boise is my home too. I've grown up in the Treasure Valley and it is an amazing place to live. My team and I helped over 300 people across Southern Idaho sell their home last year. You’ll get an offer fast and we know how to close quickly. 

So call or text me directly at 208.850.6000. Tell me about your home and situation. I will listen. It’s confidential. And I’ll work with you. I look forward to our conversation.

Send me a note and I will follow up with you.


Is Hiring Me Worth the Cost?

Okay, now let’s answer the question you’ve been waiting for: Are real estate agents worth the cost? The answer is a resounding yes. If you’re considering not using an agent or going the “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) route, first take a look at the stats. The latest statistics show the typical FSBO home sold for $200,000 compared to $265,000 when sold by an agent. That’s a $65,000 difference! All told, you will make more money by hiring an agent. Click here for more reasons why hiring an agent is best for you.