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Higher demand means a higher price. We create in-house and on-demand marketing solutions, competitive pricing strategies, and get your home in front of thousands of qualified buyers looking to relocate to our area.


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Do you need to sell your home here in Boise or the Treasure Valley? We’d like to sell it for you. 

We’ll advise you on preparing your home to sell with cleaning, fixing, and staging. We’ll take awesome photos plus tours that stand out. We’ll market it everywhere online. We’ll send it to our current buyer list. We’ll answer all the calls. We’ll handle all the showings and paperwork. We’ll get you the highest possible price. Most importantly, you can relax since we’ll do all the work for you. 

Boise is our home too. We have helped over 450 people across Southern Idaho in the last two years buy, sell, and invest in real estate. We’ll get you several offers on your home. We’ll price it to sell at the highest price. You’ll get an offer fast and we know how to close quickly.


 Our Marketing Plan

  • Preliminary Steps- How to Get Started.
  • Promote Your Home like it's 2021
  • Move Out & Move On

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Build Idaho dot com Marketing Implementation Plan


Build Idaho’s Launch Plan will help you get organized and ready, identify areas of improvement to increase your home’s value, market to a wide network, generate mass-market buzz around your house, and sell your home for TOP DOLLAR! Call us today at (208) 724-9636 to get started.


5 Critical Preliminary Steps

  1. Home Detailing
    Having a super clean and organized home is extremely important. We can recommend cleaning services if you don’t want to do it yourself or need help.
  2. Home Warranty
    We don't want you to worry about your home while we are in the process of getting ready, marketing it and the time until it sells and closes. We contract a home warranty and if something breaks the warranty will help pay for a broken Water Heater or other mechanical issues.
  3. Home Inspection
    Most home inspections are done after a home is under contract but sometimes it makes sense to have the home inspected prior to marketing the home. If so, we will schedule this with our preferred home inspection provider and coordinate the appointment with you. We will review the report to determine, if anything, what maintenance items should be resolved to increase the value of your home prior to actively marketing the home. We also have a list of preferred vendors that we recommend, to help you if they require a professional.
  4. Staging Consultation
    Presentation is everything, if your home is going to sell for top dollar! This is free to our clients.
  5. Final Inspection & Deploy Digital Imagery Team
    Once your home is ‘Show Ready’, it's Go Time! While other agents provide limited marketing services or determine the amount of marketing they will provide based on the listing price of your home, Build Idaho provides every client our Top Tier service, which is how it should be! Depending on how big your home is, we expect editing to take 2 to 5 days.
    • Photography
      Our Photographer will need about an hour, depending on the size of your house.
    • Drone Photography & Video
      • Aerial Photos
      • Video
      • 360° Neighborhood Tour
    • Video Tour
      We will coordinate producing the video tour with Your Agent. This takes about 1.5 hours.
    • Virtual Tour
      We have a special camera that goes step by step, room to room. This process typically takes 1.5 hours or more.
    • Create Description
      While pictures say a thousand words, video says a million, words are important and they should be spoken so we take time to describe your home as well.


Deploying Digital Imagery
Now that we have photos, video tour, virtual tour and  360 neighborhood tour. We will begin sharing with you so you can see our work and understand what we have been doing while you were patiently waiting.


Real Estate is a Contact Sport
And we want to start contacting as many people as possible about your home.
Before going live, we double checked  that your home is priced appropriately by looking to see what new activity for homes comparable to yours are selling for or new listings. We want to ensure your home is priced right!

  • A sign will be placed in your yard so everyone knows as well as making your house more easily identifiable to those looking.
  • Upload your home with the description, up to 50 photos and link to Virtual Tour to our real estate portal and then Re-Broadcast to every major real estate website including Zillow, Trulia, and about 300 other realty sites
  • Upload your video to our Youtube Channel, over 100k views last year
  • Upload your video to Facebook, over 1.5k followers
  • Promo Video uploaded to Instagram with link to listing details
  • Display on with video and links to listing details, Virtual Tour and 360 Degree Tour
  • Display on as featured property
  • Promote to Keller Williams Realty Boise Network


Directly Promoting Your House

  • Private Open House
    Private Invitation to your neighborhood. We will actually be canvassing your neighborhood with a personal invite for them to see it prior to the open house that we promote to the public.

  • Promote Open houses to the public
    We want people that are looking to buy as well as the people randomly driving around to come see your home.

  • Email our Database
    We have a database of people actively looking at buying a home and we can target the ones whose criteria matches your home.


Regular Check-Ins
We never want you to wonder what’s going on. 

  • Weekly Updates
    We provide reports that help you understand how many people are looking at your home.

  • Evaluate the Current Situation
    Every home is different and the market is always changing. Depending on our pricing strategy, we may have recommendations to create more interest in your property. For example, we reach out to every agent that shows your house and ask for their feedback. Maybe we can learn what objections we have to overcome to make the house more appealing. Sometimes it is as simple as staging and other times it is a simple matter of price, being that other similar homes are a better value, which we know Buyers compare.


It’s Sold! 
We have a transaction team dedicated to making this a smooth process for you. They keep track of all the details, critical steps and deadlines. 

  • We coordinate everything with the Buyer’s Agent. 

  • We ensure the little details of your transaction do not get overlooked.

  • We get you and the Buyer to the Closing Table and work with the title company to verify that every penny is accounted for.

  • You have questions and we will be here to answer them.


Moving out and and Moving On

  • Buying Your Next Home (if applicable)

    • If purchase of your next home is dependent on selling your current home, we will let the other agent know that your home is under contract and we expect to close on time.

    • If you are buying the next home, now is the time! Your home is under contract and with a pre-approval letter or proof of funds your offer will be rock solid.

  • Move Out Coordination

    • Moving is a lot of hard work, which is why we have recommendations for people to help you from full service moving companies to storage space.

    • We have a checklist so you know exactly what to do including cancelling services with Idaho Power for example.

  • Moving In Coordination
    If we assisted you in purchasing your next home, expect the same comprehensive level of service from the transaction team.

    • We will coordinate everything with the Seller’s Agent and your loan officer.

      • Home Inspection and review

      • Appraisal and review

    • We ensure the little details of your transaction do not get overlooked.

    • We schedule the closing and answer all your questions along the way


We look forward to working with you and seeing you at our client appreciation events throughout the year.

Idaho Home Seller Guides


• 5 Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home
• How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar
• Why it is Important Your Home is Showroom Ready


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