Sell for top DOLLAR!

The Ultimate Seller Guide

You don’t want to sell your home for less than it's worth, right?
To sell for top dollar you need an Expert home value analysis to tell you the perfect price to create the most demand and attract the highest quality buyers.
A successful listing in 2020 includes Pricing, Presentation, and Marketing.

  • "Build Idaho really helped us
    sell our home in a timely manner.
    Would recommend 10/10"
  • "Build Idaho really helped us
    sell our home in a timely manner.
    Would recommend 10/10"




Our Marketing Plan to sell your home

Content about our marketing. The written version of the video would go here. Or maybe offer a free downloadable PDF with links?

View our Marketing plan in action!




7 Tips
To Sell Your Home for Top Dollar


Presentation is Everything
Make your home outstanding
  • The kitchen sells the house, that's how important it is!
  • Optimize your Curb Appeal. Wash the house and driveway. Add mulch to your gardens as well as colorful flowers
  • Selling your home in “as is” condition could mean leaving money on the table. Fix obvious deferred maintenance and clean clean CLEAN every inch of your home
  • Declutter, Depersonalize and Brighten every room

Home staging can improve your sale price by an average of six percent, and you could sell up to 50 percent faster (Home Staging Resource)

Boise Parade Home



Are Your Pictures Worth Sharing
on Houzz, Pinterest & Instagram
  • Your first impression is online so stunning photography and impressive digital collateral is a must . Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Professional photography can help sell your home 39% closer to the original listing price (See more)
  • Professional Photos will dramatically increase your ability to both connect with a buyer faster and attract a higher price
  • Sunrise/ Sunset exterior photos make a dramatically better impression

Listings with professional photographs get 61% more views. (Redfin) and sell 32% faster. (PR Newswire)

Amazing Eagle Custom Home



Unleash Video
Your Competitive Advantage
  • Homes listed with video get four times the inquiries of homes listed without video (InMan)
  • 58% of buyers want and expect to see video of a home they’re looking at online
  • 86% of home buyers searching videos are also searching for a community tour
  • In an eye-mapping study, video results commanded more attention than other listings (Virtuet)

71% of consumers say that video is the best way to bring product features to life (Virtuet)



Create an Amazing Perspective
Use Aerial Photography
  • Homes with aerial images sold 68% faster (RISMedia)
  • The perspective that aerial images provides buyers who are not familair with the area is game changing, especially out of state buyers
  • When selling a property with a lot of land, aerial photographs are even more important

Real Estate is all about LOCATION and aerials are an impactful way to display this

Amazing Aerial Photogrpahy Custom Home



Getting the Job Done
With Virtual Tours
  • 54% of Buyers Will Not Look at a Property Unless it Has a Virtual Tour (Montreal360)
  • Home Buyers were 300% more engaged with listings with virtual tours
  • Real Estate Listings With Virtual Home Tours Get 87% More Views

Virtual tours were 5-10 times more engaging and did significantly better than those without. Rob V



Understanding the Psychology of Pricing
And how to win using it.
  • When selling your home, attractive pricing (Inman) and packaging are arguably the two most basic essentials (HGTV)
  • Your marketing plan should include a pricing strategy before it develops a Social Stigmatism which causes buyers to question  "What is wrong with that home?"
  • In fact, pricing your home correctly will simultaneously save you money, and net more money in the sale.

Given the high stakes of real estate, pricing your property correctly the first time is proven to bring a higher price (

Boise Home Values



Hire a Professional
Real Estate Marketing Company
  • Attempting to sell your home as For Sale By Owner is outdated, ineffective, and will result in selling your home for less. Hiring professional agents and using their marketing resources will save you money and you will get an average of $65,000 more when you sell your home. All of the data is here.
  • Require multi-marketing approach and ask who is responsible to complete each task. Teams have different people to complete different tasks or it is out-sourced. Build Idaho does everything in house!
  • Demand a great client experience from start to close. Asking this much service from a single person may be more than they can reasonably offer

Think Local. Host a private neighborhood showing. Get your neighbors to advertise your home too.

Amazing Eagle Custom Home


4 things you can do to increase value...

What you have read in the past is wrong about how to increase the value.   Most things you do to a house DO NOT increase the value more than the cost. If you are like me you want to get a return on your cost.  These seller tips have massive returns when selling your home.

#1 - New Front Door -

This is the best improvement item on the list.  A steel door.  You can get a new steel door for under $500.  Paint it and your home value just went up to $1k - $5k. Already have a nice front door.  Paint it.  $50 and you just made hundreds. 

#2 - Paint Interior Walls -

We recommend a professional.  For $3k -$5k for most homes, you can increase the value $6k - $12k with nice paint.  The contractor will fix all the drywall areas as well.  

#3 - Pre-Inspection -

Hire a professional inspector to pre-inspect your house.  Fix all the little honey-do items they find.  This can save you thousands in hidden landmines.  Also, a buyer could pay 1-2% more money for a repaired house. 

#4 - New Carpet -

Clean the carpets professionally or get new carpets.   Be careful.  There are builder grade carpets to purchase.  Most people get the wrong carpet and lose money.  With the right carpet, you will get a great return.

Bonus Tip - The agent you choose - Price is a function of supply and demand.  The right agent can increase demand.  The wrong agent or 'For Sale by Owner' can decrease demand.  For example, our team spends $15k a month on marketing.  This isn't to brag it is just to highlight the contrast to the industry average less than $200 a month.  Your home will ultimately sell for what someone is willing to pay.  So, if 100 people see it than you get the most money someone is willing to pay out of the 100 people.  If your home is seen by 10,000 then you get the most money someone is willing to pay out of the 10,000.  Makes sense right?  

Now imagine you hire the right team and they can get your home in front of highly qualified buyers in Boise, Eagle, Star, Nampa looking to relocate to our area after selling their home for $1.5 million.  Compare that the traditional marketing a sign in the yard and put it on the local MLS.

It all starts with an open and honest discussion
We need to understand your situation. Why are you selling now and what are you going to do after you sell? What is included with the house? How much do you owe still

What is important you? Do you need to sell fast or think you need a specific price.
Revisit Appointment
A prelisting packet of gathered data is presented detailing a customized plan with comparative options for a successful listing.
Property Information Report – This provides an overview of your homes current standing compared to how it could be listed. Along with this data is a preliminary lien verification to ensure there are no outstanding liens against the property.
Market Data – Numbers are pulled in a comparison to the specific location, age, size, and condition of the home, to gain a better view of your current market. An overview is also given on the recent direction of the market so you can see what has been trending.
Comps – Two sets of alternating comps are presented for you to gain a deeper understanding on which customized plan is the best option for you.
Net Sheets – When determining which price point to list at, we provide multiple detailed net sheets so you can see an
estimated view of what your payout could actually look like. This allows you to make a more informed decision on how to
proceed in potentially increasing your homes value, so you get even more.
Recommendations to Increase the Value – A list of options will be provided to help enhance your home, increasing its value, so you can list at a better price point.
Value Sheet and Testimonials – We are not your average Real Estate agency, but are rather an entire team of professionals in the industry that work together for you. This list gives the full spectrum of everything we bring to the table, allowing you to have a comparative viewpoint to the actual monetary value when selecting Real Estate with Tazz to be your team in a successful listing.
Scheduling Outline - A detailed schedule is laid out providing an overview of moving parts and the timelines for completing them to ensure your home is placed at its highest possible position for going live.
Home Buying Plan (if applicable) – If this is a sale/buy, then we will all discuss the home buying process.

Meet the Team –
Why choose one individual, when you can have an entire team to ensure you and your home are getting all of the attention deserved for a successful sale.

Preferred Vendors – A list of options are provided with the top vendors in the area that have partnered with us in providing outstanding service to our clients at an exclusive rate.
Marketing Plan Overview – From utilizing the internet, to an in-person open house, we will discuss the marketing tactics we use that make our Real Estate Agency the most elite agency in the Treasure Valley.
Appraisal – A soft appraisal is run on your home to give you a look at the estimated monetary value, so you can determine how to proceed.

Listing Implementation Plan Brainstorming Session 2
First Steps - The Plan Into Action
With these �irst steps we are out the gate �lying. From the very beginning and continuing throughout the experience, we keep you constantly informed on what is happening and when by coordinating schedules and sending calendar appointments
for reminders.
Home Inspection – Determining where your home currently stands is an important part of knowing how to proceed in properly preparing for a successful listing. Our licensed and insured Home Inspector performs a thorough investigation of your home, presenting a report within 24 hours, on any items of concern so that they may be addressed if needed.
Staging Consult – Our partnered staging consultant comes to get an overview on the home, so they may provide a thorough  plan for the staging process.
Contractor Consult – Once the home inspection has been received, it is forwarded to the contractor to see what items need addressing, They are then able to look through the home and provide an accurate estimate with quotes for any repairs or cosmetic items to enhance your homes value.
Move Out Coordination – Moving can be hectic, which is why we have full service moving companies that also offer storage space for your belongings, just in case its needed.
Marketing Consult – Our Marketing Director provides a more thorough look at the strategic plan to place your listing in the best possible position, giving it more attention, more tra�ic, and more exposure than other common listings that only post on the MLS, Zillow, and Trulia.
Buying Your Next Home (if applicable) – The �irst steps in the home buying process start with gaining a pre-approval letter from a lender, and then the fun part begins. Shopping for your new home! With an extensive database and co-agency networking, we are able to help you �ind the right �it for the next phase of your life!

In this phase we move forward with any cosmetic improvements or repairs. We also begin the process of gathering multiple components for preparation to go live.
Contractor Improvements – During this stage, any repairs or cosmetic improvements are performed.
Search Engine Optimization – Our Marketing Department starts the process of readying your listing for enhanced viewing with the latest SEO features.
Stand Alone Webpage Development – The development of your homes stand alone webpage begins.
Pre-listing Warranty – A prelisting warranty, also known as a home sellers warranty bene�its the sellers, buyers, and real estate agents involved in the sale. It protects the intrests of everyone and provides peace of mind when listing your home.
Average Utility Prices – Often requests will be made for an average range of costs on the utilities for a house. We work with you to gather that data and put it on a presentable sheet giving the buyers a more knowledgeable look at your property.
Buying Your Next Home (if applicable) – The shopping process continues!
Second Steps - From a House to a Home

Listing Implementation Plan Brainstorming Session 3
Third Steps - It‘s The Final Countdown!
Its all about the presentation, presentation, presentation. In this phase of the process media your home is readied for presentation and posting.
Home Detailing – Having a clean and tidy home prior to selling is extremely important. A guide on some simple tips and tricks for cleaning the home is provided, or if a deeper level of cleaning is required it can be scheduled.
Home Staging – This incredibly effective tactic of home staging increases your homes perceived value. With a very clean, open, yet welcoming style, the space is transformed into a place buyers can easily see themselves call home.
Photoshoot – It’s time to show off your home with professional level and gorgeously captured shots highlighting all of the amazing features your home has to offer.
Video Shoot – Having a brief video of the home provides a viewpoint of moving through the house, piquing their intrest and attention.
3D Tour Shoot – A 3D Tour gives an edge to your listing for out of state buyers looking to relocate, as well as instate buyers.
MLS Listing Packet – The home is listed as Coming Soon, with a sheet on your homes Special Features, a Property Flyer,
CC&R’s for the home, HOA info (if applicable) and a Property Disclosure Report are all uploaded to the MLS site
Finalizing Media and Marketing Prep – The �inal pieces of the marketing plan are readied for launch on multiple platforms.
Sign Placement with QR Code – The agency sign is placed along with the realtor lockbox which tracks which realtors are viewing the house at what times.
Counter Display – An informative and attractive counter display is setup with hard copies of the Property Flyer and the Special Features sheet.
Stand Alone Webpage – The listings stand alone webpage is �inalized and published as a “Coming Soon” getting more eyes on the property, even sooner. Email Blast – An email blast is sent out listing the home as “Coming Soon” to all brokerage cliental and all of the agents in the area that are searching for the perfect home for their clients.

Sold Home

You don’t want to sell your home for less then it's worth, right?  To sell for top dollar you need an Expert home value analysis to tell you the perfect price to create the most demand and attract the highest quality buyers. A successful listing in 2020 includes Pricing, Presentation, and Marketing.










How to Sell for Top Dollar

5 Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

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